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Biopolymers based on renewable resources:
From synthesis to applications (2nd edition)

Dates & Venue
April 7 - 17 
Departament of Biology, University of Minho.
The course will take place at room B4009 in the Department of Mathematics and Applications, University of Minho, Campus de Gualtar.
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The course aims at presenting and discussing cutting edge progresses in tailor-made bio-composites – the design, the production, the present and prospective applications. Conscious of the increasing ecological awareness along with new legislation that boosted the demand for products with a high ecological image both science and industry partners are aiming to develop biopolymers based on renewable resources that fulfill the required specifications of the highly demanding industry. The course will address the recent developments of new biomass-based composites biopolymer production and treatments, including fibre reinforcement and the addition of novel fillers and nanofillers, as basis for the new generation of materials.


Margarida Casal 
CBMA, UMinho, Portugal
Raul Machado  
CBMA, UMinho, Portugal
Andreia Gomes
CBMA, UMinho, Portugal
Tony Collins
CBMA, UMinho, Portugal
Nuno Neves 
ICVS/3B´s, UMinho, Portugal
Albino Martins 
ICVS/3B´s, UMinho, Portugal
André da Costa 
CBMA, UMinho, Portugal
António Vicente 
CEB, UMinho, Portugal
Jorge Padrão
CEB, UMinho, Portugal
Artur Ribeiro
CBMA/CEB, UMinho, Portugal
Senentxu Lanceros Mendez 
FC-UM, UMinho, Portugal
Gabriela Botelho  
CQ-UM, UMinho, Portugal
Raul Fangueiro
DEC/FMRG, UMinho, Portugal
Miguel Azenha 
DEC, UMinho, Portugal
José Barroso Aguiar
DEC, UMinho, Portugal
Rita Campos 
PIEP, UMinho, Portugal
Juliane Viana 
CAPB, Universidade Católica de Brasília, Brasil
Pedro Granja
INEB, UPorto, Portugal
Joana Moreira-Silva
ICVS/3B´s, UMinho, Portugal
Tiago Silva
ICVS/3B´s, UMinho, Portugal



. Biotechnological strategies for the production and functionalization of recombinant Protein-Based Polymers (rPBPs) 
. Properties, processing and characterization of biopolymers
. Medical and Non-Medical Applications of Biopolymers 

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