Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology

2015 Workshops



Freezers: laboratory rules 
and best practices

January 28th 2015 | 10h a.m. | Anf. Mica
Registration: Close


Preventive maintenance and calibration micropipettes

May 19 th 2015 | 10h a.m. | Anfiteatro de Física - 2027
Registration: Closed


Good practice using a potentiometer

May 26 th 2015 | 10h a.m. | Sala Pedagógica 1 - 2027
Registration: Closed 


 Microscopy course

June 04 th 2015 | 09h30 a.m. | Anfiteatro de Química 
Registration: Closed 


ZOE Image analysis sistem

June 12 th 2015 | 10h00 a.m. | Anfiteatro Mica 
Registration: Closed

Workshop Boas práticas de utilização de balanças

Best practices for using balances

June 18 th 2015 | 10h00 a.m. | Anfiteatro Mica 
Registration: Closed


October 15th 2015 | 10h30 a.m. | Anf. Mica
Registration: Closed


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