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Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology


Advanced course on Global Change and Biodiversity: implication for Ecosystem Services (2nd edition)

Dates & Venue
June 25 -  July 4
Departament of Biology, University of Minho
Course Info
This course is aimed at post-graduate students, researchers and professionals. The course includes theoretical classes, computer practicals and case studies.
Invited Lecturers
Chris Swan
University of Maryland, Baltimore 
Daniel Perkins 
Imperial College London
Cecília Azevedo
DMA - University of Minho
Luís Borda de Água
CBA - University of Lisbon
Rocco Scolozzi 
CBMA - University of Minho
Ronaldo Sousa
CIIMAR - University of Porto 
Vicenç Acuña
ICRA - Catalan Institute of Water Research
  • Status and tends of biodiversity
  • Metacommunity ecology
  • Neutral theory of biodiversity and biogeography
  • Metabolic theory of ecology
  • Foodwebs responses to global change
  • Quantifying ecosystem multifuctionality
  • Ecosystem engineers
  • Urban streams and river restoration
  • Ecosystem services and human wellbeing
  • Economic and non-economic valuation of scosystem services
  • Experimental designs and data treatment


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