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Cancer therapy: from basic research to clinic

Dates & Venue
July 15 - 26
Departament of Biology, Universidade do Minho
Course scope
The course aims at giving an overview of cancer therapy, from classical chemotherapy to the development of new targeted therapies (e.g. drug nanodelivery systems). Our course will bring together experts with different basic research backgrounds (Biologists, Chemists, Physicists, etc) and oncology health professionals, which will allow an open discussion on cancer research, as well as on current and future oncological treatments and patient care.

The course will be organized in theoretical and laboratory classes and will also include a Workshop for Health Professionals (19th - 20th July 2013): Oncological patient therapy: the role of health professionals

Click here for more information on the Workshop.

Basics of oncology:
• Hallmarks of Cancer
• Basic research in Oncobiology

Cancer Therapy: 
• Classical chemotherapy in different types of cancer: colorectal, breast, prostate, thyroid, uterine/cervical and gastric cancer.
• New generation of cancer targeted therapy: small molecules, antibodies and new drug nanodelivery systems.
• Nutraceuticals for cancer 

The oncological patient:
• The role fo the health professionals in the oncological patient care
• Management of patient adverse reactions to cancer therapy
• Nutrition of the oncological patient
• Psico-oncology 

Laboratory classes using cancer research models:
• Tumor tissues and cancer delivered cell lines 
CBMA: Ana Preto, Margarida Casal, Cristina Pereira-Wilson, Olga P. Coutinho
ICVS/3B's:Fátima Baltazar, Bruno Costa, Adhemar Longatto
Centre of Chemistry:Fernanda Proença, Maria João Queiroz, Paula Margarida Ferreira, Isabel Correia-Neves
Centre of Biological Engineering: Lígia Rodrigues
Invited Lecturers: Catarina Portela (Hospital de Braga), Joana Paredes, Paula Soares, Raquel Seruca e Carla Oliveira (IPATIMUP, Porto), Maria José Oliveira (INEB, Porto), Lúcio Santos e Paula Alves (IPO, Porto), Sara Moreira (Hospital de Santo António, Porto), João Moreira (FFUC, Universidade de Coimbra) Luís Costa (IPO, Lisboa)


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