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Pharmacological development: from organic synthesis to clinical trials (2nd edition)

Dates & Venue
July 1 - 12
Departament of Biology, Universidade do Minho
The course will include theoretical modules and seminars. The main objective is to overview the different phases of drug development: from organic synthesis to clinical trials with emphasis on biochemical pre-clinical studies and good clinical practice (GCP) procedures during clinical trials.
J. Tomé Dep. Química, Univ. Aveiro
P. Oliveira, V. Sardão CNC Univ. Coimbra
A. Brito Fac. Farmácia, Univ. Lisboa
A. P. Silva Fac. Medicina, Univ. Coimbra
P. Maciel, F. Baltazar ICVS, UMinho
A. Ramos CBMA, Univ. Minho
C. Pereira-Wilson, A. Preto, O.P. Coutinho
Dep. Biologia / CBMA, Univ. Minho 
Overview of Fundamental Pharmacology

Processes in Organic Synthesis:

Chemical characterization, structure modification for interaction specific targets;
Biomedical applications for photoactive molecules

Issues on Biochemical Pharmacology:
Treatment and colon cancer prevention;
Monocarboxylate transporters (MCTs) as new targets for cancer therapy;
Modelling Machado-Joseph disease in mouse and C. elegans;
Mitochondria as a perfect drug target in health and disease;
Modulation and transport across blood-brain barrier (BBB);
Abuse drugs and the functional brain;
Phytoestrogens vs hormonal therapy.

Clinical trials implementation, new drugs approval and pharmacovigilance


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