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Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology

Protein degradation and trafficking in health and disease

Dates & Venue
June 17 - 28
Departament of Biology, Universidade do Minho
Course scope
This course will be organized for post-graduation students or researchers and it will focus on the mechanisms of protein degradation and trafficking in different organisms and their mode of signaling and regulation. Several human diseases, including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases result when the regulation of trafficking events is not fully operating. A panel of world-wide recognized experts will be involved in the lecturing of this advanced course. It will provide seminars and lectures on very diverse aspects of this research area. Several molecular, biochemical and bioinformatic techniques will also be addressed in the practical sessions to study these processes.
Christopher G. Burd
Yale University, U.S.A.
George Diallinas
University of Athens, Greece
Manuel Miranda-Arango
University of Texas, USA
Olivier Vincent
Biomedical Research Institute, IIB-CSIC Madrid, Spain
Duarte C. Barral
Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal
Margarida Casal
University of Minho, Portugal
Hernâni Gerós
University of Minho, Portugal
Sandra Paiva
University of Minho, Portugal
The following topics will be covered: endocytic and exocytic mechanisms, retrograde sorting, Rab Regulation in membrane trafficking, the ESCRT pathway, SUMO and ubiquitin.
The praticals will focus on:
- Use of protein tags to study protein trafficking
- Ubiquitylation in vivo and in vitro (yeast and mammalian cells)
- Bioinformatical approaches to study endocytosis


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