Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology

Pharmacological development: from organic synthesis to clinical trials

COORDINATOR Olga P. Coutinho
CBMA-DB, Universidade do Minho
VENUE Departamento de Biologia, Universidade do Minho
2 - 13 July


The course will include general lectures on Fundamentals of Pharmacology and invited lectures on specific research topics. Problem-driven group discussions and analysis/presentation of selected papers will also take place. The main objective is to overview the different phases of drug development: from organic synthesis to clinical trials with emphasis on biochemical pre- clinical approaches and clinical trials procedures.

LECTURERS MJQueiroz Department/Center of Chemistry, UMinho
N Micaêlo  Center of Chemistry, UMinho 
A Ramos CBMA, UMinho 
C Wilson Department of Biology/CBMA, UMinho
C Pinheiro ICVS, UMinho
G Silva UAlgarve
P Maciel ICVS, UMinho
I Firmino Genzyme, a SANOFI company, Paris
P Oliveira CNC UCoimbra
A Brito Faculty of Pharmacy, ULisbon
J Tomé Department of Chemistry, UAveiro
E Pires BIOCANT, Cantanhede
OP Coutinho Department of Biology/CBMA, UMinho
V Machado Department of Biology/CBMA, UMinho


This course includes theoretical modules on the following topics:

  • Processes in organic synthesis; chemical characterization; structure modification; structure-activity relationships (SARs).
  • Therapeutic approaches: drugs against oxidative stress conditions; photodynamic therapy; cancer, etc.
  • Clinical Trials implementation: good clinical practice (GCP) procedures. Portuguese rules for introduction of new drugs in the market. Issues on pharmacovigilance
CONTACTS AND INFORMATIONS Olga P. Coutinho ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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REGISTRATION Course Fee: 100€

Registration Deadline: June 28, 2012

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