Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology

Biomarker discovery using multiplexed proteomic technology

COORDINATOR       Pedro Santos
CBMA-DB, University of Minho
VENUE Biology Departament, Minho University
June 20 - July 1
GENERAL INFORMATION This intensive course aims to provide advanced formation in proteomic technology in the context of biomarker research. Briefly, it will include several theoretical modules (see below) and a hands-on intensive module which will consist in the preparation, separation (by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis), and analysis of proteome samples using multiplex technology to evaluate not only the relative abundance of each protein species present in the gels but also to detect protein modifications that may occur in response to the different experimental conditions used. In particular, the levels of phosphorylation, glycosylation and protein oxidation may be evaluated using specific stains and the total amount of protein quantified using Sypro Ruby protein gel stain. Predicted protein modifications will be confirmed by mass spectrometry.

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Cartaz Curso 6
      Vitor Costa IBMC, Portugal
Arsénio Fialho Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Hermann Heipieper UFZ, Germany
Bruno Manadas CNC/Biocant, Portugal
Rui Vitorino University of Aveiro, Portugal 
Andreia Gomes University of Minho, Portugal
Pedro Santos CBMA, University of Minho, Portugal


  1. Biomarker research and protein modification
  2. Functional genomics and integrative approaches
  3. Basic and advanced concepts in proteomics
  4. Multiplexed approaches
  5. Bioinformatics in proteomics
  6. Design of strategies for potential biotechnological applications based on biomarker discovery research

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